We offer a variety of massages to suit your budget and needs.

Take a look at the various types of massages that we offer and choose the one that suits you best.

Full Body

Duration 60min R655

Back, Neck & Shoulder

Duration 60min R655

Duration 45min R490

Duration 30min R325

Indian Head Massage

Duration 30min R325

Foot Massage

Duration 30min R325

Facial Massage

Duration 30min R325

Deep Tissue

Aimed at deeper tissues of the muscle, relieving sever tension.

Specific to sports injuries.

Firm to hard pressure


Most popular & well-known massage, promoting relaxation as well as easing muscle tension.

Medium Pressure


Essential oils are chosen & used to achieve a specific outcome,

such as relaxation or relief from tired muscles.

Medium to light pressure

Hot Stone

Heated stones are used to help warm tight muscles,

resulting in the massage being more effective for deeper muscle penetration.

Firm to medium pressure

Lomi Lomi

A Hawaiian technique using the forearms & elbows to perform long continuous flowing strokes.

Firm Pressure